Fishing for the Mission 2014
Thank you to all our sponsors for helping us put on such a great event and help so many needing people.  The following is what was done for our tournament.  

 A. Thursday Evening Sign Up Party
         1.  3 Bags per boat (Bisbee Black and Blue).  Items in each bag included the following
                   a. (4) Personalized Fishing for the Mission towels     (Fishing for the Mission)
                   b. (4) Tee shirts                                                                   (Fishing for the Mission)
                   c. (2) Hats                                                                             (Fishing for the Mission)
                   d. (4) Beef Jerky bags                                                        (Brandt Beef)
                   e. Bottle of lemon Olive Oil                                                (Corning Olive Oil)
                   f. (2) Pair of Sandals                                                          (Penn Fishing)
                  g. (3) koozies                                                                       (Relentless Fishing)
         2. Beer for everyone                                                                    (Alford Distributing)

 B.    Friday Evening Captains Raffle – Given to all local Captains and Families
                   1. (28) Rod and Reel combo                                          (Penn and Fishing for the Mission)        
                   2. (2) Squail Reels                                                            (Penn and Fishing for the Mission)        
                   3. (4) Duffle bags stuffed with equipment                    (Penn and Fishing for the Missio        
                   4. Toys for kids attending                                                 (Joe Depillo)
                   5. Carne Asada dinner for Captains                              (Joe Depillo)
                   6. Beer for Dinner                                                              (Joe Depillo)

C.    Saturday Evening Dinner approximately 300 people
                  1.    Dinner                                                         (Brandt Beef and Fishing for the Mission)
                  2.    Beer and water                                          (Alford Distributing)
                  3.    (9) Bags of gear                                        (Penn Fishing and Fishing for the Mission)
                  4.    (6) Bags Avit soft tackle                           (Terminix)
                  5.    (2) rod and reel sets                                (Troy Cline and sponsor)
                  6.    (15) Rods seeker and saber                 (Fishing for the Mission)
                  7.    (4) Squall rod and reel combo               (Fishing for the Mission)
                  8.    (4) Squall Reels                                       (Fishing for the Mission)
                  9.    (6) Senator Rod and reel combo           (Fishing for the Mission)
                 10.    (5) Custom Avit Reels                             (Terminix)
                 11.    (3) Jig Master combo Rod and Reels  (Fishing for the Mission)
                 12.    (30) Beef Jerky bags                              (Brandt Beef)
                 13.    (1) Picture                                                 (Guy Harvey)
                 14.    (3) Tool sets and jacks                          (Fishing for the Mission)
                 15.    (1) Ice Chest                                            (Fishing for the Mission
                 16.    (20) Shirts                                 (AVTCO, Relentless Fishing and Fishing for the Mission)         
                 17.    (10) Hats                                                 (Fishing for the Mission)
                 18.    Glass Trophies to 1st Place Fishermen’s

Thank all our Sponsors, below are our major sponsors
⦁    Alford Distributing
⦁    Brandt Beef
⦁    Berkley
⦁    Penn
⦁    Double M Ranches
⦁    Strokers Reef
⦁    Los Rancheros Yellowtail Tournament
⦁    Duggins Construction, Inc.
⦁    Kirkley Construction
⦁    Bisbee Black and Blue
⦁    Southern California Sport Fishing Association
⦁    Terminix
⦁    John Ulman Construction
⦁    Cantamar Construction
⦁    Tom Woodard

 2014    Accomplishment; (44) Boats participated and gave out all monies collected for tournament boat registration, raffle dollars and auction item dollars.  

                                                               Total collected    $ 14,400.00 u.s.d.
All money was donated to the following
 1.    Mission                                                                       $ 8,000.00 u.s.d.
 2.    Alottore School (orphanage) Loreto                      $ 3,900.00 u.s.d.
 3.    Alottore School San Javier                                      $ 1,000.00 u.s.d.
 4.    Optometrist Scholarship Program for Loreto      $ 1,500.00 u.s.d.

Thanks to all sponsors, and those who helped make this tournament a success.  The real winners were the people of Loreto, Mexico.  Thanks to Dewey James for all the years of support and help. R.I.P.

Thank You,

Jim Duggins
Fishing for the Mission